Royalty Free Stock People Clipart by Leo Blanchette

  1. Yellow Man on a Deserted Island
  2. Yellow Tourist Carrying His Suitcase and Walking with a Camera Around His Neck
  3. Pink Man Sitting in a Chair and Reading
  4. Pink Woman Finishing First in a Race
  5. Orange Man Reading in a Chair
  6. Happy Orange Man Dancing with an MP3 Player
  7. Red Business Man Carrying a Heavy Question Mark in a Box
  8. Brown Family, Father, Mother and Newborn Baby with Their Dog and Cat
  9. Brown Men Shaking Hands in an Arrow
  10. Brown Bodybuilder Man Flexing His Muscles
  11. Light Blue Man Sitting on a Floor and Stretching His Arm up and Behind His Head
  12. Pink Man Working on a Computer on a Table
  13. Purple Woman Tugging on a Rope
  14. Denim Blue Fire Fighter in a Uniform, Fighting a Fire
  15. Sketched Man Electrician Holding a Screwdriver